When your team doesn’t seem motivated

Have you noticed how joyful a day of work is when you’re surrounded by people who are motivated to do the work, and when you yourself feel motivated?

As leaders, we really need our teams to feel motivated, otherwise: 

  • Everything takes longer
  • Projects go off-track
  • Work is a slog
  • Team culture starts collapsing

But like most things, motivation is not as easy to summon as sending an all-team email inviting them all to…

Let’s Get Motivated!

But it’s also not a magical thinking, elusive concept, that when it’s there, it’s there, and when it’s not, it’s not.

We can influence motivation. We can help our teams get motivated, and we can summon it in ourselves.

Yes, but HOW, Juliet?

In my +20-years career working with leaders and their teams, I’ve been asked this question more times than I can count.

I’ve put my answers together in a short handout, and you can download it HERE today. It’s free.

And it also has a printable page to remind you of the things you can do every single day to encourage motivation.

You will notice that none of my advice is salary increases or big bonuses, or huge perks. Because research has shown over and over again that, while all those benefits are nice, they are not what get us humans motivated ultimately.

The solutions are much more simple, and much more human.

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