What happens when family and business mix?

Working with family… there’s enough drama in that scenario to sustain a four-season award-winning show and keep everyone on the edge of their seats! 

But regardless of which Roy you favour for succession, Kendall, Shiv or Roman, when it’s your family, you could do without the drama.

Easier said than done.

Maybe you’re thinking of bringing in your daughter or your nephew to help you in your business. Or you want to start a business with your sister. Before you jump in, you need to be fully aware of the dynamics that you’re layering and the tensions that can grow from that.

I grew up in a family business and both Kristy-Lee and I often work with family businesses and have come across patterns that hurt the business and the family.

Tune into the latest episode of Grow & Influence and you’ll hear us talk about:

  • What to consider before starting to work with family
  • The exercise that I get the team to do in every family business I work with
  • How to start compartmentalising work relations and family relationships
  • How to deal with performance management and manage behaviour in family businesses
  • How to be fair to everyone, and be aware when you are favouring family.

And if you thought that you don’t need to listen to this, because you work in a family business and everyone gets along just fine, think again. There’s a productive challenge that niceness stifles – and businesses need productive challenges.

Happy Listening!

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