Team Support

Great teams, the high performing, culture-embracing, joy-to-lead kind, DO exist. Are you struggling to see how you can build a team just like that?

Let me help you see what needs to change, so you can build that team.

It’s hard to see what the next right thing to do is when you’re in the midst of leading, and dealing everyday with things like declining morale, performance issues, pressure to meet financial goals, etc.

Sometimes it feels like you don’t stand a chance at building a truly positive culture. And it weighs on you. And it feels like maybe it’s all too hard.

Want to know the truth? There is no quick fix:

  • A revised performance review won’t do it
  • A new list of values either
  • Neither will a one-time workshop on team culture

None of those things on their own will bring on the desired change. Because real change is not an overnight achievement. It takes time, but most of all, it takes direction and strategy.

My new role gave me the chance to revisit my leadership skills with my new team, which was exactly what I wanted, but was keen to have support. Juliet has such great understanding of people and teams and complex leadership situations, and I felt really comfortable discussing these issues with her, which is actually really important. Having her as a sounding board has been so valuable, especially while navigating career transitions and growth.

Helen Lewis, CEO Australian Holistic Management

Team Workshops

These are interesting times in which to be a leader. And by interesting I mean challenging. Hybrid teams, quiet quitting, economic shifts, you name it.

You need your team fully on board if you’re to have any chance of making this work. Say no more. We’ve been helping teams for more than 20 years, and we can help you. 

We offer a range of one day workshops, or we can design the workshop you need, so you can:

  • Define values and behaviours that embed and sustain your organisation’s culture
  • Agree on goals and measures
  • Address specific issues that are holding the team back
  • Raise awareness of communication and work styles and develop a common language across the team
  • Define behaviours 
  • Build trust within the team
  • Help the team become more innovative
  • Enable the team to take responsibility for outcomes, challenge one another effectively and hold one another accountable.

The industry was going through massive transformations. IT salaries had gone through the roof, and we needed to engage people. To stem the flow of people leaving and building on that to make it more attractive for people to work there.

There was some resistance, because the team had done profiling in the past. But after a day with Juliet, the team came away energised. I could see the leaders feeling uplifted, and the CEO feeling more supported. Since then we ran follow up sessions and everyone has taken something away from it, and implemented it in their way. I can see how this one day was the perfect building block for the culture we’re trying to create.

Kellie Jansen – HR Director