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Welcome to the first in our series of leadership interviews.  We kick off with Georgie Somerset, judged one of the top 100 influential women in Australia a few years ago and a woman who continues to go from strength to strength.  Georgie runs a family business and sits on a range of high profile Australian Boards so she has a broad range of experience to draw on.  She has also established the Red Earth Community Foundation to build leadership skills within her community.

Click the video below to watch Juliet’s interview with Georgie Somerset to get an insight to Georgie’s experience in Leadership roles and some great tips on how to become a successful leader.


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  • this Ted Talk about burnout is an excellent, quick guide to avoiding burnout. If you haven’t listened to it yet, we highly suggest that you do!
  • The Imperfects podcast with Hugh van Cuylenburg and Ryan Shelton


  • The Practice – Shipping Creative Work by Seth Godin (Penguin)
  • Jon Katzenbach’s The Critical Few which is all about building and sustaining your culture. We often think of culture as a thing for large corporate organisations but it is important no matter what size your organisation is
  • The Yay! Mindset by Angela McCubbin. Have you read it? I’m a naturally optimistic person but constant lockdowns and the vagaries of life in Australia are challenging for the most positive among us. A great read to give us all a bit of a lift.