We work with our online community and in person with leaders and teams.  Our focus is always on building skills and confidence so your business can make a difference in the world. 

Online Services

Leadership Development

We have an online community over at Lead and Influence, who are connecting over their challenges and success in leading their teams. In the Lead and Influence – A Mastermind for Business Owners and Managers we work with business owners and managers to help them implement their new skills with their teams.

This support includes:

  • Core Modules covering the essential skills
  • Monthly Deep Dives into specific topics with
  • Monthly Q&A sessions
  • A closed Facebook group where you can share your experiences, challenges and wins with others members.

We have a podcast in the offering.  This will feature weekly conversations with HR specialist  Kristy-Lee Billet on topical and perennial leadership challenges and approaches.

You can also join our free facebook community at Big Goals Leadership Group for updates, articles and conversations on leadership.

In-house Services

When we work in-house our programmes are often developed to cascade the learning and skill development from the senior levels in a way that ensures everyone is speaking the same language, looking for similar behaviours and working with one another to drive the business forward. This has the added benefit of enabling career development and succession planning at the leadership level.

Team Development

Changing the way teams communicate and work together.

We work in-house with teams at all levels of organisations to help them address the issues that are critical for them. This often includes helping Executive Teams build and embed skills, change culture, improve productivity and/or deal with challenging environments. It also helps them support their managers as they develop their skills in communications, goal setting and problem solving. The process enables the team members to establish the culture and behaviours they want and to take responsibility for the team’s performance.

Our team workshops are currently only available in-house and are designed to help leaders and their teams translate broader business goals into meaningful team goals and measures, including values and behaviours.

Some of the Topics we cover with a team include:

  • Team direction and goal setting
  • Communication and work styles
  • Removing roadblocks to progress
  • Innovation
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Holding one another accountable
  • Building the team you want to be.

Who Benefits?

Any team that wants to improve performance and/or is struggling to meet targets and adapt to change can benefit. These programmes also help to embed leadership skills for Managers and Team Leaders.

A team development programme that incorporates leadership development has the added benefit of helping to create a cohesive culture throughout the organisation.

This includes:

  • a shared language
  • a shared understanding of the business goals and measures
  • A clear picture for each team and its people of how they contribute to the organisation’s success.

For more information on our in house team development workshops please email us at admin@biggoals.com.au.

Change Management

Helping leaders and teams adjust to and work with change.

Does your team suffer from low morale or infighting?

Do you have higher than normal staff turnover?

Has your team’s productivity declined?

All of these could be symptoms of a team struggling to cope with change.

All industries are constantly changing. We work with the issues our clients are facing and focus on both the ‘soft’ and ‘hard’ skills required to continually adapt.

Our work with organisations and team enables leaders to:

  • develop agile planning and processes
  • develop resilience so they can work with change effectively
  • identify and influence people who can help deliver the change
  • lead their team through change.

Our Leading Through Change programme is available as part of Lead and Influence and can also be delivered in house.

Some of the topics we cover include:

  • Future direction – what it means
  • How to develop an agile approach to planning and working
  • Responses to change
  • Identifying opportunities
  • Leading others through change
  • Building a resilient team.

Who Benefits?

Any leader of a team that is struggling to adapt to change or is in an industry facing significant change can benefit.

This includes relocations, shrinking budgets or mergers and acquisitions, where people are faced with different (and often conflicting) cultures as well as new structures, goals and tasks.

If you would like more information about our in house services or to find out more about Lead and Influence, simply click here or email us at admin@biggoals.com.au and we will be in touch.