Hi there, I’m Juliet Robinson

Over the past 20 years, I’ve been helping leaders and teams perform better.

My first management role was setting up and running a travel business that specialised in travel to Africa. But it was really only when I went back to study for my Masters a couple of years later that I understood so much more about what I was doing. I still remember sitting in lecture theatres listening to a lecturer talk about a framework for various aspects of leadership and thinking, oh, that’s why that approach did or didn’t work. And it was such a revelation for me. The things that I had been doing instinctively as a leader suddenly started to make sense, for better or worse. I also found I got so much value from speaking with the others in the lectures and my peers around me, because I had completely different leadership experiences in completely different businesses. But so many of us were facing similar issues and similar challenges, and it was great to be able to share them and also to get that sense that other people are going through this. So, it’s an incredibly valuable experience.

Since then, I’ve been helping organisations by developing and delivering leadership training. I work with teams to help them plan and deliver what they need to do in the business to help it grow.  I’ve also been helping organisations change, which can be incredibly complex.


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What I know is that in large organisations, having leadership training is part of your career progression. But in smaller organisations and businesses, that just doesn’t happen. So, what I’ve done with Big Goals is develop Lead and Influence – A Mastermind for Business Owners and Managers, for small business managers and for new managers in small or medium sized businesses who aren’t going to get that formal leadership training at work. And I’ve taken the best of what I know and what I’ve learned and put it into Lead and Influence.

My specialisation really is in helping people develop their self-awareness and their communication skills, things like having difficult conversations within their team, but also planning with the team and keeping them motivated and developing trust so that your team can help you deliver what you need to do.

So that’s really the motivation behind Big Goals, and I hope that gives you a sense of who Big Goals is and who I am. There’s a whole lot of resources on the website, so have a look around and if we can help you in any way, get in touch.

If you would like more information or to register for Lead and Influence – A Mastermind for Business Owners and Managers, simply click here.