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Join co-hosts Juliet Robinson and Kristy-Lee Billett for their regular conversations on all things leadership. No corporate jargon, no text book ideologies, just real life experience unpacked in a relaxed way to help you be your best boss, and lead your team with confidence, clarity and control. You can use the links below to Youtube, or listen on spotify, apple podcasts, whooshkaa or anywhere you listen to your podcasts.

Building Trust in Hybrid Teams

In this episode we look at the complexities of building trust when your team is not all in the office or workplace together.

Difficult People

In this episode we tackle the bane of everyone’s work life: difficult people and how to deal with them, wherever they appear in your work life.

Inputs vs Outcomes

In this episode we are talking about one of the big challenges many business leaders are facing as COVID has forced their teams into working from home.

Setting and Upholding Boundaries

In this episode we are looking at how difficult it can be to set and hold our boundaries.

The Right to Disconnect from Work

In this episode we talk about the challenges of disconnecting from work, particularly when we are working from home.

Your First Leadership Role

In this episode we talk about our first leadership roles and some of our early failures.

Getting Yourself Ready for the New Year

Whether you’re a resolution fan, or like to choose a word or several words for the year, having some kind of ritual is useful.

Setting Your Team Up for Success This Year

Some of the challenges when leading a hybrid team relate to how you keep your people connected and how you bring people back to the office when they are choosing to work from home.

Introverts, Extroverts and Ambiverts

We often hear about extroverts and introverts but how much do we really understand what that means? And what it means for how we work together and communicate with one another?

Using psychometrics to know yourself and know your team

Pychometric tools are really useful in helping us build our self awareness – the foundation of leadership – and we love using them with teams.

Dealing with high conflict people

You know the person – the one who seems unable to have a conversation without turning it into an argument.

Pulling yourself out of a slump

Feeling a little less motivated than normal? Struggling to get your work life mojo back? You’re not alone, we’ve both been feeling this way too and so have many other leaders.

Leveraging and Leading Different Generations in the Workplace

Today we’re discussing different generations at work and thoughts as to what forms different patterns of behaviour between the generations.

The Tricky Art of Saying ‘No’ To Our Staff

Often it’s because we are nice people, and want to be able to say yes all the time, but the reality is there will come a time where, for the good of the business, we need to say no.

Holding team meetings our people want to come to

This is an episode we recorded during the long lockdown in 2021 when so many teams were meeting almost exclusively on Zoom or Teams, or weren’t meeting at all.

Mastering Delegation

As managers, leaders and business owners we all need to learn how to delegate, but the reality is for many of us it’s not something that we have practiced, or that comes naturally.

Why KPIs Are Critical To Your Employees Success

KPIs are such an important tool to measure the success of an employee in any role in your organisation, but as leaders we are often unsure of how exactly to craft them.

Tackling Imposter Syndrome

Do you ever feel like an imposter? That people will soon work out you don’t know as much as they think you do?

Values and Behaviours

So often, if we articulate our values at all, we announce them, maybe include them in documents and don’t really focus on them any further.