Lead and Influence – A Mastermind for Business Owners and Managers

Build a highly effective team with Confidence, Openness & Ease. ($1067)

Team Management Profile (TMP) and Debrief

Getting the level of awareness that will see you walk away with a fresh understanding of how you can do your best work. ($538)

Difficult Conversations Masterclass

Every leader needs to have difficult conversations around feedback and performance. Having a plan in place can take away the stress. ($105)

Dealing With Difficult People Masterclass 2023

Learn some very practical strategies that you can apply right away and see a noticeable change in the situations that involve difficult people. This exclusive masterclass is now available. ($97)

Difficult Conversations Framework

Dreading a conversation that you know will drain your energy and maybe still not get the outcome you were hoping for? A resource support for leaders. ($9)

Leadership Essentials

(a self study leadership programme)

Are you new to leadership or have someone on your team who is looking to step up the programme?

Leadership Essentials is the perfect fast track to building your leadership skills, so you can be a more confident, calm and effective leader.

It will help you:

  • Build your self-awareness of your work and communication styles and how to manage these to build your influence
  • Communicate more effectively using questioning and listening skills to engage others, guide conversations and gather information
  • Understand how to keep yourself motivated and how to motivate your team
  • Have the difficult conversations you need to have within and beyond your team
  • Build your skills and confidence to lead and inspire your team.

You’ll get instant access to modules and workbooks that focus on the key skills and tools that leaders need to be effective. The topics covered include:

  • Self-awareness
  • Communication skills
  • Motivation – for yourself and your team
  • Power and influence
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Leading through change.

Investment: $547

Free Resources

If you’re facing difficulties with a particular leadership issue, we offer handouts that you can easily download. Download them for yourself or to share with your team…and they’re free!

Listening Guide

Build trust at work and lead a team that feels heard, inspired and motivated. (Free)

A Guide to Motivating Your Team

Get practical tips to build the motivation and connection within your team. (Free)

5 Keys to Building an Effective Team

Build a successful and effective team with this free guide. (Free)

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