Company values are NOT a team exercise.

Company values are NOT a team exercise.

That’s right, I don’t think values should be designed by EVERYONE in your company.

And I believe that for a number of reasons:
➣ It becomes a neverending exercise
➣ Values get diluted away from your leadership vision
➣ They might be defined by staff who work for the company for a very short period of time

The intention to involve everyone is by all means good. But not practical.

So I always direct leaders and leadership teams to identify their company values.

The question is: once they do that, what happens with those values?

How do you make your employees live and own them?

How do they guide your vision every single day?

This is what Krisy-Lee Billett and I talk about in this episode of the Grow Your Influence podcast.

You’ll hear us unpack:

➣ How to make sure your values don’t become just post-it art in your office
➣ How values can help us have conversations about bad behaviours
➣ How to work with each team to embrace values in ways that are meaningful for them (e.g. a value of creativity is likely to mean different behaviours for the finance team and the product development team)

It’s a fantastic one to tune into as values are about SO much more than post-it notes. They really do make their way into every aspect of the way our teams work, and can be incredibly supportive of leaders.

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