These challengers are not going a.n.y.w.h.e.r.e.

One of the things that makes leadership complicated is that every single individual in your team has individual needs. And those needs are different from the next person’s needs.


And there are no easy solutions.

(When is leadership about easy solutions anyway?)

I’ve met all manner of teams and humans:

➢ From the ones who need to work in the office for the good of their mental health
➢ To the ones who simply cannot work effectively in open space offices
➢ To the ones that value being able to respond to family responsibilities while maintaining career ambitions

And the truth is…we knew this about teams before the pandemic too.

(That they are as diverse as the individuals that make them, and therefore the needs of a team are diverse.)

But the BIG difference is that pre-pandemic there was a silent agreement that ultimately it was the employees who had to compromise.

Post-pandemic we’ve seen a flip.

Because of market conditions, of the work landscape, of the many changes we’ve all faced, our entire relationship with work has been shifting.

So the compromise gauge is shifting too.

More than ever, people seek much more than remuneration from their jobs. 70% of flexible workers and 64% of onsite workers would forgo some level of pay rise in exchange for more flexible hours.

➢ They are looking for their jobs to work for them in multiple ways:
➢ For their family life
➢ For their need for fulfillment and meaning
➢ For their energy levels.

And that can make things challenging for leaders. I speak about these challenges and more in this 5-minute interview for Ticker Insight.

You’ll hear me discuss:

➢ The challenge of keeping your team engaged
➢ The sense of us vs them that can creep into hybrid teams
➢ How to articulate a vision that brings people together.

Let me know what you take out of it. You can reach out to me via email or on our socials. You’ll find those links in the footer below.

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