don’t hit the ground running

Podcast intro, leading an established team

Have you ever had the kitchen sink thrown at you during your onboarding into a new role? Or did everyone assume you’d just work it out and they told you nothing?

(If you answer no to both of these approaches, then you have to reply and tell me all about that workplace with fantastic and relevant onboarding).

More often than not people get very little induction. Small businesses often have no onboarding process at all.

The simplest, yet most effective way to set someone up for success from the get go is embedding them into their new role as part of the onboarding process.

Particularly if they’re stepping into leading an established team.

They need direction around:

🏳️ Where they might fit in

🏳️ What the challenges and successes have been in the team

🏳️ Where the strengths and weaknesses in the team lie

Both Kristy-Lee and I agree that sadly, this happens less and less the higher up the leadership chain you get.

But the effectiveness of onboarding aside, there are certainly things you can do to step into leading an established team that can help set you up for success. And none of those involves hitting the ground running, no.

Have a listen to our conversation about it. Stepping into Leading an Established Team

Let me know if it sparks any ideas for you.

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