Is your mountain growing too?

This week I’ve been busy moving (more on that next week), but I’m already feeling like the year is not *new* anymore, which begs the question: what does that mean for all those exciting plans and goals we were sketching only 30 days ago or so?

This is a photo of our dogs exploring their new home.

I thought that by now we (and them) would be settled in our new home and would be establishing a new rhythm for our year.

Instead, the reality looks so different and, while we have moved, there are still so many things to do that I feel I may never get my hands around them all.

It strikes me that the same thing happens with work projects all the time.

We think we have everything under control and then life happens and (once again) catches us by surprise.

January can be full of hope and energy, but that Everest of goals and resolutions (personal and professional) we set for ourselves… can start to seem insurmountable very quickly.

It’s already February, and if you’re anything like me, you’re starting to feel like you need a break already.

All that energy and enthusiasm we have at the start of a new year is starting to wane…

So I want to remind you (and myself!) that the key to making that big vision a reality, is in:

▶️ breaking down big goals into smaller, actionable, less intimidating actions

▶️ checking in with your progress along the way

▶️ assessing success factors and re-evaluate strategies periodically.

Instead of wondering ‘How on earth am I going to get there?’, and watching that goal become less and less realistic as the year flies by…

…focus on smaller achievable tasks.

Of course, you can keep Everest as your everyday inspiration, but you’ll have the everyday goal posts (and wins!) to take you there safely.

That’s how we connect the vision with the everyday in a way that supports our energy.

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