Are you in a slump?

Lady on the lounge unmotivated and in a slump

I thought it was just me. Moving at a different pace than I do most autumns, struggling to gain momentum, stuck somewhere between tired, overwhelmed and wafting..

But then I started talking to people around me and realised that many others felt the same.

Maybe you too?

There are ways to address this, but you know what the first, most important one of all was?

Knowing I wasn’t alone in feeling like this.

Once I realised that, I felt less shame around my perceived lack of productivity, and a bit more compassion for myself. And you can’t really move through something if you’re hard on yourself can you.

If you feel like:

  • You can’t see where you’re heading, and/or you can’t seem to make progress towards it
  • You’re being hard on yourself because you are not gaining momentum
  • Your to-do list hasn’t inspired you for a while…

…then you might enjoy this episode of the Grow Your Influence podcast, where Kristy-Lee and I talk about our respective slumps, and different strategies to move through them.


Then head on over to our Facebook post and tell me if you’ve got other strategies we haven’t thought of.

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