If humans were robots…they would love meetings?

Why do you have meetings?

Most likely to get things done, to plan forward, to assign tasks.

If humans were robots, then the way we currently run meetings would work just fine.

What’s on the agenda?

Who’s gonna do what? Are we good? Everyone clear?

Meeting closed.

But humans are NOT robots, which is why the current way we run meetings doesn’t work for our sophisticated, intricate human operating system.

In order to do the things, humans need to feel one thing first and foremost: CONNECTION.

They need to feel connected:

➣ to each other
➣ to the work
➣ to the purpose
➣ to the longer term goals
➣ to the vision.

Think about how you and everyone you know feels about meetings. There’s often a real resentment and resistance. Not another meeting where not much is happening…

So how do you, as a leader, overcome that resentment and resistance, have the impact you want, and influence your team?

That’s a good question, and one we got help to answer.

Our guest on the podcast this week is Cat Matson of Impactful Presenters. Cat has spent her professional life influencing in complex stakeholder environments, and also helping others hone their ability to influence.

What Cat suggests to rescue meetings might throw you off guard: step out of the templates.

She has some great ideas of how you can start doing that right now, and her ideas will no doubt have you come up with your own ways to infuse your meetings and your team with connection.

Listen to this fantastic interview right now, and start making your meetings fit for humans, and having the impact you want.

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