Wellbeing on your own terms

People talking in a group about wellbeing in the workplace.

If we care about, and look after people’s wellbeing, we’re going to get better results in the workplace. Simple as that.

And that’s because, as humans, we simply can’t leave our personal lives at the door.

But blanket approaches, even when well-intentioned, don’t always work, because wellbeing is so subjective. A staff night out might suit the young and single, but may be challenging for those with young children. A bowls day, for all its good intentions, could be great fun for some and an imposition on others. For some staff their team is their social life, while others see it simply as the people they work with, and like to separate work and leisure.

What’s your idea of a wellbeing program?

  • Maybe it’s an employee assistance program provider
  • Or more social occasions
  • Or flexibility around work and leave.

As many team members, as many wellbeing needs.

But whose responsibility is it to lead the development and delivery of these wellbeing programs?

Kristy-Lee and I talk about wellbeing programs, their role in the workplace, and where to start with them in the latest podcast episode.

You can listen to the episode here.

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