Women want adventure

There’s only so much you can cover while you’re having a coffee or avocado and toast with a friend.

Have you ever noticed how the conversation can take unexpected curves and levels of depth when you’re walking or doing something a bit different with someone?

Monique Farmer, my guest on the podcast, noticed.

She is the founder of an incredible organisation called Women Want Adventure, that organises trips (kayaking, hiking, snowshoeing, etc) for women who want more from their interactions.

Now, Monique is a leader who also realised early on that ‘Happy teams make happy profits.’

She told me that, in her opinion, teams are the backbone of a business, particularly for start-ups. I couldn’t agree more. But keeping a team happy and connected, particularly when they often don’t work alongside each other, is tricky at the best of times.

So I asked Monique to share her ‘secrets’ and she agreed.

The interview is a treasure trove for anyone who leads a team.

You’ll hear us talk about:

  • How she’s keeping her team connected
  • What advice she’d give her younger self and entrepreneurs just starting out
  • The role her company’s WHY plays in its success

You can listen to the episode here.

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